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Age Calculator - Calculate Age from DOB

A simple pearson chronological age calculator page to calculate your age with date of birth. Kindly choose your day, month and year of birth to calculate your current age. We find most of the people's use our tool on their birthday to know how old they are.

Easy tool to check your age. Lets explore, what is age?. Age is the length of time the person has lived or living. It's a distinct period of history. As per wikipedia : "Aging represents the accumulation of changes in a human being over time".

How this tool works

This Age Calculator Tool is based on globally abopted age calculation methodology. Few countries may differ in the way of age calculation. All you need to do is enter your day, month and year of birth and it will generate your age in fraction of seconds. For example, this tool will give your age as 'X' years, 'X' months, and 'X' days old. Beauty of this tool is, it will give you the exact years, months and days old. Another simple example, If the baby was born yesterday, baby's current age is only 1 day old!. This is how this age calculator works.

Limitations of this tool

You need to make sure you are entering correct Date of Birth, else this tool will throw "Oops! Could not calculate age!" as an error message.

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